The world's first fully automated and dynamic, live real-time Plug & Play Dispensary TV Menu.

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  • Dispensary TV Menus

    "I love our new TV Menu. It's very professional and looks soooo good! After seeing the different menu systems at MJBizCon 2018 in Las Vegas, we went with green lantern menus because it's priced at a steal, isn't packed with features we'll never use, and just works right "out of the box" without any configuration or setup. Our Dispensary screens now show exactly what we have in stock."

    Pamela and Scott Reach House of Dankness Dispensary.
    Pamela, CEO of RD Industries, is on the advisory board for Cannabis Dispensary Magazine and Scott, COO of RD Industries, had his dispensary success story recently featured on the cover of Cannabis Business Times Magazine.
  • Dispensary TV Menus

    "Thanks to Green Lantern Menus my customers know what we have on the shelf before they reach the counter. Budtenders now have more time to sell and inform customers about our products; boosting our bottom line and making my job easier."

    Melissa Stewart Manager, House of Dankness
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Increase your dispensary sales and your customer's awareness of inventory. Lower customer wait time. Engage and entice your customers with stunning product photos.

Green Lantern TV Menus are AUTOMATED. No more data entry! Real-time inventory is displayed via direct link to your POS system, Leafly, WeedMaps, WikiLeaf, Baker, or any other source! Updates every 15 minutes so your customers get the most accurate view of what’s REALLY in stock NOW.

Green Lantern TV Menus are FLEXIBLE and DYNAMIC! No more tedious templates or configuration. Use any size TV or computer monitor to display your current inventory. Menu pages adjust dynamically based on the number of products in each category; minimizing blank space.

Green Lantern TV Menus are ENTICING and BEAUTIFUL! Hundreds of high quality product photos. Treat your customers and staff to a high quality cannabis flower and concentrate slide show! Menu pages scroll through hundreds of high resolution photos shot by our award-winning professional photographer. Dozens of new photos added each week!

Green Lantern TV Menus are EASY! Plug & Play. Push your POS inventory list to Leafly or Weedmaps. Sets up in minutes! No messy configuration required. Let us do the typing for you by taking advantage of our “POS Inventory Pull” service. Every 15 minutes, your current inventory can be automatically pushed to Leafly, WeedMaps, WikiLeaf, and more!

Green Lantern TV Menus are AFFORDABLE! Our prices are by far the lowest in the industry. Sign Up for less than $1 per day!

Green Lantern TV Menus are ENCRYPTED and SECURE! Our databases are secured with the same level of encryption used in many of today's highest profile software systems.